Trust Love Silk Scarf


There are only 100 scarves being made of this exclusive product.

The Trust Love Scarf is a limited edition run of 100 luxury silk scarves made to celebrate how love can light up your world and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

A hand written fairy tale, hand drawn and finished with beautifully sketched hearts around the border has been printed onto a stunning lightweight silk that oozes colour, depth and affection. We have then used an intricate hand rolled hem technique to finish every edge giving this scarf the love, care and attention it deserves from start to finish.

Each scarf comes numbered out of 100, with its own box that has been embossed with the GR initial in gold leaf. If you would prefer your own initials, simply write your initials in the checkout box and we will pop those on for you.

A stunning, life long gift of sheer beauty and love wrapped around your neck. We all need to be reminded of fairy tales.

  • Size is 90*90cm square
  • 100% Silk
  • Hand drawn, hand written, hand rolled hem by hand.

To read the full fairy tale, please click here.


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