A Silk Scarf for Mum


A hand-written poem expressing love, thanks and recognition for Mum. Printed onto silk and hand-made into a stunning scarf.

‘My Mother is the most loving and consistent rock in my life. This is a scarf for every child out there that feels that way too’, Gizelle Renee

  • Size is 90*90cm square
  • 100% Silk
  • Hand drawn, hand written, hand rolled hem. All in the UK.

The poem reads:

You’re the guardian angel in my life,

Walking with me, always next to me.

From the moment I opened my eyes for the first time,

Your embrace told me you’d never leave my side.

Your eyes are the gateway to your endearing soul,

So pure, so gentle, so knowledgeable and whole.

Your smile lights up the world,

My world.

I have fallen down a thousand times,

I’ve cried in your arms and you wiped away my tears.

You’ve heard my heart break, you’ve seen my mistakes and you understand my fears,

Of a life I continue to build.

You watch, with a gaze so beautifully pure, so protective,

Never doubtful of me, never unsure. Your love is unconditional.

You’re quiet and patient, ready to hold out your hand,

And reassure me, ‘you can’…

You are the fairytale princess in my bedtime stories,

You are the place I can always call home.

You are the peace that resides within me,

This is for you. My mum, my angel.

Please note, this scarf will be shipped on March 16th, ahead of Mothering Sunday on 30th March 2019 (UK)


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