Stefan Olsdal and Gizelle Renee Launch The #rainbowglove
rainbow fingerless leather gloves

Gizelle Renee is incredibly proud to announce an exciting collaboration with musician Stefan Olsdal, ‘The Rainbow Glove’.

We are releasing a limited edition glove, inspired by Gilbert Baker’s Flag, to  celebrate  July’s  PRIDE  in  London  Parade,  along  with  a  mutual  commitment  to  acceptance,  respect,  equality   and  human  rights  in  all  areas  of  music,  fashion  and  life  in  general.

There are only 300 of these gloves available for pre order now. Click here for the men’s sizing and click here for women’s sizing for the fingerless rainbow leather gloves.

During the lead up to PRIDE, in July, you will see a number of key influencers and celebrities wearing this glove to symbolise a united front. We hope you will join us in being one of those 300 to have a pair.

Fingerless Rainbow Leather Gloves

Celebrated  musician  Stefan  Olsdal  is  co-­founder  of  Placebo,  who  have  sold  12  million  albums,  continue  to  headline   festivals  and  arenas  globally  and  have  collaborated  with  an  array  of  artists  including  David  Bowie,  Michael  Stipe   and  Robert  Smith.  Stefan  has  also  won  accolades  for  his  accomplishments  with  Digital  21  and  Hotel  Persona.


Stefan Olsdal comments: “As long as human rights aren’t given to everyone, there is work left to be done. I wear this glove with pride, we all deserve equal respect and the right to love without persecution no matter what. Whether it’s through a hand held up high, a clenched fist or a loving touch, this glove serves the message that still needs to be heard!”

Gizelle and Stefan’s path crossed in 2017, when he approached her to design a distinctive glove that he could wear whilst playing guitar on stage during his world tour. Following on from this, they discovered a genuine connection and mutual passion for respect and equality, in all areas of life. Together, they designed the Rainbow Glove, as an over-­arching symbol of acceptance and unity, which is extremely timely for 2018.

The Men’s Fingerless Rainbow Glove

The  stand-­out  design,  each  one  created  by  five  highly  skilled  workers,  uses  six  pieces  of  separate  leather  and  a   handmade  merino  wool  cuff,  for  comfort  and  ease,  whilst  still  making  a  stylish  statement.

As  a  collaborative  partnership,  Gizelle  and  Stefan  have  chosen  two  charities  close  to  their  hearts  and  sharing   similar  values.    All  profits,  at  least  £12  per  pair  of  gloves  sold,  will  be  evenly  allocated  between  the  Peter  Tatchell   Foundation  and  LGBT  Foundation.      

Gizelle  Renee  adds:      “Our  hands  are  such  an  important  medium  for  communicating  -­  shaking  hands  at  work,  hugging  our  partners,   holding  our  children,  caring  for  parents  -­  that  gentle  loving  touch.    As  a  project  that  aims  to  target  everyone,   connecting  with  our  hands  seems  the  perfect  place  to  start.”

The Women’s Fingerless Rainbow Glove