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Hi there,

We believe the only way to continue making mind blowing gloves

oozing with Character, Craftsmanship and Creativity is by understanding our customer.

Our hands are so important for communicating; holding our loved ones and carving out our lives.

So, on reflection, understanding what you do with your hands helps inspire our imagination when we make gloves for you.

Every quarter we ask a question and the answers we post anonymously through artwork via our communication channels.

At the end of each year, those four questions get released into a book called, ‘Love Your Gloves’ and it celebrates your perspective on life.

Help us make accessories to blow your mind just by being you.


If the pupils to your eyes were made up of a picture, what would you draw in yours?

The release date of #loveyourgloves quarterly reveal will be 10th January 2019 via Instagram and our newsletter.

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Gizelle Renee

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