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Silk red scarf for Valentine's Day

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The Trust Love Silk Red and Blush Pink Scarf

The Trust Love Scarf is a limited edition run of 100 scarves made to celebrate how love can light up your world and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

A hand written fairy tale, hand drawn and finished with beautifully sketched hearts around the border has been printed onto a stunning lightweight silk that oozes colour, depth and affection. We have then used an intricate hand rolled hem technique to finish every edge giving this scarf the love, care and attention it deserves from start to finish.

The Trust Love Authenticity Card

Each scarf comes numbered out of 100, with its own box that has a debossed name of your choice on it. Please enter up to ten letters in the checkout box.

The full fairy tale written on the scarf is a copyright belonging to Gizelle Renee and reads:

One upon a time, there was a little girl who lived with her mum and dad in Minnis Bay, an idyllic, picturesque British seaside town on the north Kent coast.

Her mother was a teacher in the village school she went to and her father was an engineer at the wind farm, just a few miles from the cosy cottage in which they lived.

Every night before she went to sleep, her father came in to kiss her goodnight and she’d ask him the same question; ‘Daddy, was there enough wind today to make all the electricity we need for tomorrow?’

Every night he’d respond with the same answer;

‘No my darling girl not yet, but one day the tiniest breeze is going to light up your whole world.’

Her name (well, nickname), was Breeze.

The same kind, inquisitive girl grew up and became a teacher, just like her mother. She moved to the bright lights of London and settled in Clapham, just south of the River Thames. Not exactly the quiet village by the sea she was used to but she was happy, especially because there was lots of beautiful green spaces where she could watch her dog, Oatmeal, run free and try and chase the occasional squirrel up the occasional tree.

One day, best friends Breeze and Oatmeal were on Clapham Common. The gold and yellow flashes of summer were glistening off the leaves. The sun was peeking over the horizon. It was a perfect dog-walking morning. In fact it was a perfect morning for doing anything at all.

All of a sudden, Oatmeal zipped off. She was chasing a smaller dog across the common until the little pup took refuge between the legs of his owner, a tall, handsome, smart man with salt and pepper hair and piercing eyes. With her metaphorical tail between her legs, Breeze apologised for Oatmeal’s behaviour and the man smiled at her. It may have been her imagination but was there something more to his smile than just the acceptance of her apology?

They started walking and talking together while the dogs happily darted around the common, oblivious of anyone and anything around them…

A day at work was punctuated by frequent thoughts of the man she met in the park. In fact he was all she could think about.

She felt different somehow. There was a spring in her step. She was happy. There was wind in her sails and a yearning in her stomach.

However, despite taking exactly the same route at exactly the same time for the next few days, there was no sign of him. No sign at all. Did she imagine it?

The next night as usual, her mum called for their weekly catch-up.

After they had put the world to rights, Breeze asked to speak to her dad.

‘Daddy, why do you call me Breeze?’

He replied; ‘Do you remember asking me every night before you went to sleep if there was enough wind today to make enough energy for tomorrow? I told you that one day the tiniest breeze was going to light up your whole world. Trust the wind behind your back and under your feet to guide you towards your light. It worked for me when I met your mother and it will work for you, I promise sweetheart.’

That beautifully warm midsummer night, Breeze told Oatmeal she was going out for a walk.

As she turned the same corner on the common she’d turned hundreds of times before, the corner where she’d seen him for the first time, there he was. He was waiting for her. He wondered if he’d ever see her again. Breeze wondered the same.

They don’t have to wonder anymore. The tiniest breeze guided her to her light.

Trust fate to get you to where you’re supposed to be. Love has the awesome power to light up your world and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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