A Collaboration with Jewellery Designer, Roseanna Croft

Happy New Year to you! I truly hope it’s a wonderful year for us all.

To start the New Year off with a bang, for the month of January we are proud to be collaborating with luxury bespoke jewellery designer, Roseanna Croft – a creative collaboration made in accessory heaven!

Roseanna Croft is a bespoke Jeweller, hand making everything in her own workshop, piece by piece.

Roseanna Croft are gifting anyone who books one of their Bespoke Design Experiences between 5th – 19th January a pair of our Arabella gloves in Red, as you know – it’s all about the little red glove!

This makes a beautiful gift for anyone who has a birthday in January to pair our gloves with the bespoke design of a beautiful Garnet piece of jewellery.

The Roseanna Croft Bespoke Design Experience allows you to design your own piece of jewellery that is uniquely yours. Whilst sipping champagne, surrounded by sparkling gemstones, their goldsmiths ensure your story is told. Whether it is the redesign of a precious heirloom, the bespoke design of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or a piece that represents a particularly special moment in your life. Whatever the occasion Roseanna Croft ensures the bespoke design encapsulates you, creating a piece to cherish for a lifetime.

You can have your appointment at the Roseanna Croft boutique in Bakewell or meet your designer in London. Together you will talk about your inspiration and the story behind the piece you wish to design, creating a piece of jewellery just as unique as you. Upon collection of your bespoke piece of jewellery, Roseanna will gift you with a pair of our Arabellas, in the perfect size for you.

A bespoke collaboration made in heaven between Gizelle Renee and Roseanna Croft.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive collaboration, contact Roseanna Croft today by emailing enquiries@roseannacroftjewellery.com and quoting ‘The Little Red Glove’.

Roseanna is an incredible jewellery designer, having met her at an event a few years ago, I fell in love with her unique, sensual pieces. They are so very special, intimate and quite simply, perfect.

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