The Collections

We continue to expand our selection of handmade designer gloves including women’s, men’s, driving, wool, leather, evening, fingerless, mittens and more. Our commitment to quality and producing the finest gloves in the world does limit the amount of new gloves we can create each year. This means that our selection remains intimate, small and elite. Therefore, when you purchase Gizelle Renee gloves, you can rest assured you have a very limited edition piece. It takes a year from the initial sketched ideas to having a pair of gloves in your hand and you can read on for an example of the time and thought that continues to go into our gloves, where every season’s designs and creations have reasons behind them, and the name always has sentiment attached.

About The Materials

The materials used by Gizelle Renee are all carefully sourced from well-established and highly reputable designers and manufacturers of luxury materials.


Gizelle Renee mainly sources Hairsheep gloving leather from the world’s leading tannery, Pittards plc of Yeovil, Somerset. Pittards’ leathers are tailored to reflect today’s requirements while retaining their natural beauty, lustre and shine to encapsulate timeless elegance, reflecting the company’s 150 years of experience. Pittards source their Hairsheep leather from Ethiopia and Nigeria and due to it’s softer and finer yet strong skin it’s regarded as the best leather in the world for dress gloves. Moreover, its durability and natural elasticity allows the fit of the glove to be a true replica of the hand which gives the wearer permanent comfort.

Embellishments and Linings

All embellishments and linings are sourced from the world’s leading designers and fabric manufacturers and are either 100% cotton, cashmere, wool, silk or unlined. Gizelle Renee’s signature is the unique embellishments which are specific to each glove. Every glove will hold a fabric embellishment and a splash of texture and/or colour.


The accessories that embellish the gloves are sourced from retailers across England that have handmade timeless pieces to complement our gloves and give them an unique, warm and fashionable forward edge. Each accessory, be it a button, zip, popper or sparkle is independently sourced and picked by the designers for its heritage, quality and uniqueness.

Stitches for Gloves

There are a handful of stitches still used today to create the perfect pair of gloves and it is often dependent on how the glove is to be worn as to what stitch we use.


This is especially used for unlined or silk-lined gloves, mainly for women. It is sewn inside out which results in both edges being inside when finished.

Hand Stitched

Here, the stitching is a feature of the glove and clearly visible. It is most popular in men’s gloves and occasionally women’s styles. It takes up to eight hours to stitch one pair of hand-sewn gloves.


This has an overlapping seam and has one edge showing. It is mainly for ladies gloves.

Whip Stitched/Brosser

A fancy stitch mainly for women’s gloves but not often used. The stitching is a feature and clearly visible.

Prix Seam

This has two edges showing and is mainly used for men’s gloves.