Size Guide

It’s important to measure the larger hand to find your true glove size. With a tape measure, carefully wrap it around the palm of your hand at its very widest point, near your knuckle area. Exclude the thumb please, we just want the palm. Round down the measurement to the nearest half or whole number to find your glove size in inches. We round down because leather stretches after about four wears and we want your gloves to fit you flawlessly. Please note; half sizes are displayed as an M in our gloves. For example, 7.5 (Large) is a 7M label inside a Gizelle Renee Leather Glove.

Size Letter Size Inches
Women XS 6
S 6.5 (also know as 6M)
M 7
L 7.5 (also known as 7M)
XL 8
Size Letter Size Inches
Men XS 8
S 8.5 (also known as 8M)
M 9
L 9.5 (also known as 9M)
XL 10