Our Guarantee

Gizelle Renee has been awarded with the LUX Global Excellence Award for British Glover of The Year. The award is a stamp of excellence and the winners are part of an exclusive and illustrious group comprising of some of the most influential names in the luxury markets.

Gizelle Renee is also an exclusive member of Beyond Bespoke; the world’s only platform dedicated to British luxury and the ultimate guide to the most exceptional brands, companies and individuals that make Britain great.

Gizelle Renee pushes the boundaries on glove design by capturing stories, emotions and passions and building these into the creation from the very onset; staying true to the sentiment at that moment in time. It allows the glove to be an experience and a piece of art to be worn and appreciated on every level.

To complement our world-class designs, Gizelle Renee gloves are made from only the finest leathers and materials available around the world. We go to great lengths to ensure every glove is made to perfection. Each glove takes a skilled team of dedicated glovers to hand-cut our bespoke patterns, skilfully assemble the pieces and hand sew the intricate embellishments and linings to ensure our gloves fit you perfectly. The artwork, design and creation of our masterpieces derive from the collaboration of skills from our creative team and allows us to be proud to make gloves to a standard of detail rarely seen today.

The creation of a Gizelle Renee glove takes a year. From the initial concept of an idea for a new glove pattern and/or embellishment, to sourcing materials and hand-making samples that we continually scrutinize until we feel completely satisfied they are a work of art we are proud to show you.

After we are satisfied with our glove pattern, our accomplished designers artistically match the finest leathers with an array of fabric embellishments and linings resulting in a bespoke, unique glove that has never been created before. This means that every glove you buy is a one-off piece that not only has been hand-selected for its distinguishing detail but also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it has been handmade along every step of the process.

Even our glove bags, which arrive with every pair you purchase, are individually sewn and created for your gloves. The time it takes to make our gloves by hand does mean that we have limited stock availability and we will not necessarily make the same glove again. Thus, when you purchase a pair of Gizelle Renee gloves you are alone in owning that exact glove with its distinguishing features and fabric embellishments. We therefore give loyalty cards to all our customers to remind them that their gloves are bespoke and unique to them.

Our passion is to allow fashion-conscious individuals to wear custom-made gloves not only as a functional garment but as a source of character expression through fashion – literally at your fingertips. We do this skilfully, artistically and with a huge amount of pride and integrity.