Glove History

Gloves have been documented as far back as 500 BC but it wasn’t until the 13th century that gloves began to be worn by ladies as a fashion ornament. It was during the 16th century that they became a leading ‘must have’ fashion accessory when Queen Elizabeth I set the standards for wearing richly embroidered and jewelled gloves, putting them on and taking them off during her travels and she even organised visits to and for an array of audiences in order to draw attention to her beautifully-adorned hands.

‘I create gloves with particular characteristics to be interpreted by the individual wearing them. This empowers them to feel comfortable, relaxed and in control of pushing the boundaries of fashion as they see them. Fashion, for me personally, is finding a certain serendipity between character and style.’ – GR

At Gizelle Renee, we look not only to equip you with everyday gloves but also to allow for an experience where current art, design and creativity are incorporated into classic, contemporary handmade glove designs. Each range consists of a variety of bespoke leather British glove designs made from a combination of leathers, fabrics and materials from the world’s leading luxury manufacturers with one singular commonality: every single design has been a carefully considered, handmade process.