About Gizelle Renee

Inspire Your Imagination.

Fashion, for me personally, is about inspiring the imagination. It’s about getting lost in a world that empowers you to feel confident with the challenges of today. Our hands are so important for communicating; shaking hands at work, hugging our partners, holding our children, caring for parents and carving out our lives. So, on reflection, a gift for our hands is extremely special, intimate and has an empowering message.

My vision for Gizelle Renee is this:

“For my customer to feel empowered to be themselves through the accessories I create.”

I love making accessories that you can walk away with and instantly feel empowered, inspired, energised and understood.

The three key principles for our design process are: creativity, craftmanship and character. Therefore, every glove we hand make is made purely to inspire your imagination and blow your mind.

Choosing a pair of Gizelle Renee gloves means so much more than buying a functional item. It’s about buying something that will dress the hands to create the life you want to live. That’s why I love dressing hands and why every pair will always be a one of a kind limited edition piece.

If you would like to read about the process of making a pair of Gizelle Renee gloves please click here.